Guidelines for Element Project

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  Guidelines Element Demonstration:

1)8.5 " x 11" Colored Cardstock(construction paper)-You may cut and paste information about your chosen element (Webelement Assignment).

2)Word Document(1 Page)-You may cut and paste information about your chosen element.  Make a list of 30 facts about your element.

3)Power Point/Glogster/Pintrest/Something comparable???(Maximum 5 slides (1 slide Hero/Villain)-Demonstration will be given to the rest of your class.

4)Element Ball-Choose 20 facts from your 30 original ideas and construct your element ball. Directions

5)Chemocomic Hero/Villain.  Use the following link to create your desired hero/villain based upon your selected element: Super-Hero Generator.

Information Required

The following essential information about the element must be given - the symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass.  This information should be neatly written with stencils or typed on the computer and pasted to poster.This picture may show electron arrangement within the atom, crystal structure, common uses of the element, or a picture of the element itself.  It is only limited by the creativity of the student.

Optional *
  The students can place an original poem, complete with title, about their element.   Poems must be typed on the computer and neatly pasted to the poster.  Poems must be a minimum of 50 words and should include background information, properties, and uses of the element.