Presentation Rubric

10-9 8-6 5-3 2-0 Scores
Professional Presentation Well organized; smooth transitions between sections; all enthusiastically participate and share responsibility, original thought and creativity Well organized with transitions; students confer/present ideas: group shows ability to interact; attentive discussion of research, creative Somewhat organized; ideas were not presented coherently and transitions were not always smooth, which at times distracted the audience, discussion focuses mostly on research, not original and creative Unorganized; lacks planning, no transitions, relies heavily on one spokesperson, disinterested, not original and creative
Content Math Strong understanding of topic; knowledge factually relevant, accurate and consistent, all sources are cited Good understanding of topic; a substantial amount of time spent on research and depth, credit given to most sources Somewhat accurate; more than a few inconsistencies or errors in information, not much attention given to sources Completely inaccurate; the facts in this project were misleading to the audience, hardly any sources cited
Content  Science            Went above and beyond to research information; solicited material in addition to what was provided; brought in personal ideas and information to enhance project; all sources cited Did a very good job of researching; utilized materials provided to their full potential; most sources cited; at times took the initiative to find information outside of school Used the material provided in an acceptable manner, but did not consult many additional sources, did a poor job citing the sources Did not utilize resources effectively; did little or no fact gathering on the topic; no sources given credit
Use of Technology Effectively combines and integrates multiple forms of technology in presentation and information gathering.  Demonstrates growth in technology skills.  Technology provides a way for audience to experience the information that would not be possible any other way. Combines and integrates many forms of technology.  Shows some growth in technology skills.  Technology enhances the presentation and aids in its interest, but may be possible without it Uses some forms of technology, but project would have been just a useful without it.  Not much growth in technology was accomplished by most members. Little creative energy used trying to learn new technology.  The presentation was bland and uninteresting.
Participation as audience Attentively listens and actively participates in others' presentations. Does not make distracting noises or movements.  Gives good comments and non-verbal feedback to presenter. 
Knowledge Gained
Required Elements You exceeded what you set out to accomplish.  You grew in all areas of your proposal.  You went above and beyond your proposed project. You stuck to your proposal.  You did what you said you would do, but didn’t put your heart and soul into the project.  You did a good job accomplishing your goal. Fell somewhat short of your proposed project.  Did not give adequate attention to guiding questions, technology, or depth of topic. Did not follow proposal at all.  You put very little effort in accomplishing your goal.
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