The Wakonda Team

Tod Bak Stacy Huber
Ron Flynn Don Parish
Ruth Conway Ray Thompson

Guiding Questions

Performance Task

Students will be presenting a persuasive presentation to encourage a panel to allow them an opportunity to be trained as an olympian.  We have three sponsors that are willing to support three athletes on the team.  The students will be competeing for these spots with the effectiveness of this presentation. The winners will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals for their efforts, as well as an opportunity to be trained for a place on the team.

Students will be exposed to physical and mental preparations that are like those of highly successful people.   They will be able to measure their own strengths and weaknesses and draw parallels to events of the Olympics and to Olympian athletes.  Students will create their own learning by recognizing those skills in themselves and in those that succeed.  The students will sell themselves in a persuasive speech, trying to win a chance to go to the Olympics.