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Stacy Huber


My first goal is to teach students how to give a persuasive speech

1.        introduce appeals to logic and emotion

2.        examples of fallacies of logic and techniques of successful persuasion

3.        speech delivery techniques

4.        be able to convince your audience to agree with your opinion


My second goal is to introduce students to goal setting and its rewards, using testimonies of Olympic athletes and successful people.

1.        What is goal setting?

2.        Why do successful people set goals?

3.        How does one attain their goals?

4.        Why and how have athletes become successful?


My third goal is to define, recognize, and develop mental preparation for success.

1.        Why do some people succeed more than others?

2.        Why is it difficult to be the best?

3.        What does it mean to be mentally tough?

4.        How do athletes overcome mental obstacles?

5.        How can I become mentally prepared?


My fourth goal is to use writing to learn and communicate understanding.

1.        double-entry jounaling


Day One                   Winter Olympic Collage (video) to introduce students to unit

                                  Persuasion and propaganda in advertising

                                  Homework:   to find 2 examples of 5 major types of persuasive propaganda

                                                        using television commercials and print advertising.


Day Two                    Fallacies of Logic      

                                  Homework:  to copy and paste into a Microsoft Word document the names of these logic fallacies and                                     to show examples of each technique.                      

Day Three                 Persuasive Speech Expectations

                                Introduce students to www.tothenextlevel.org

                                Double-entry notebook example  

                                 In Class:  Using the double-entry notebook technique, takes notes on the article, "Set Goals to                                      Succeed."   This article is a feature article on www.tothenextlevel.org

                                Homework:   Using the double-entry notebook technique, take notes on four more articles from                                      www.tothenextlevel.org of your choice.

Day Four                Get into groups and share summaries and feelings about your four articles.

                                 Mental Preparation techniques and worksheet                                        

Day Five                     Take on-line logic fallacies quiz

                                   Discuss mental preparation worksheet.

Day Six                        Visualization Exercise

                                    Visualization Exercise II

                                    Sports Psychology Articles


Day Seven



Day Eight

                                Mental activities

                                Athlete testimonies


Day Nine                Logic Quiz

                                Work on Speeches


Day Ten                Work on Speeches


Day Eleven              Work on Speeches